December 4, 2014

One of the most eclectic Daydreamer mixes to date. Opening with a remix from a good friend of mine as well as an amazingly talented musician and producer, Alek Fin, then taking twists and turns through downtempo electronic, soul, reggae, world electro, trap, downtempo hip hop, drum and bass, and ambient. Enjoy !

1. Royal Canoe - Bathtubs (Alek.Fin Remix)
2. AMB - First Light
3. Late Night Radio - Forever In A Day
4. Ural Thomas - Pain Is the Name of Your Game
5. Midnite - Tried And Tested
6. The Very Best - Mghetto (feat Xuman)
7. Dash Speaks - Northern Lights, Take Two
8. K.Flay - Cant Sleep (Vanic Remix)
9. Dpat - Bloom
10. JMSN - The One (StarRo Remix)
11. Goldie - Inner City Life (Slyugabed Mix 2k14)
12. Odesza - Echoes (feat. Py)
13. Phish - What's The Use

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