December 23, 2016

2016 was a struggle on many fronts. We lost great artists and humans, we watched a fierce political battle here in the states, we saw the continuing horror of perpetual war and strife seemingly everywhere. On a personal level, I struggled with multiple ear surgeries and chronic ear and sinus complications. As a DJ and music junkie, having your hearing affected to the point where all sounds cause physical pain is almost unbearable. Couple that with on-going struggles with depression and anxiety and a demanding work schedule and you have the recipe for radio silence from the Daydreamer podcast, for that I am sorry. I hope that these free episodes of audio collages bring some kind of joy to anyone listening. I hope that people can discover new artists or genres that they might not have encountered otherwise and that they make it into the soundtracks of your lives. So as we prepare to write this past year into the proverbial history books I hope that we can find our way in 2017, that we can learn from the past 12 months and choose to move forward in love and not fear. Lets not forget the good times and joy that we shared in this past year and choose to show up for more of them in the coming days. I offer up this latest mix for your enjoyment as we close out a truly weird year. It is another ecclectic blend of atmospheric goodies to help delight your ear holes featuring some of my favorite tunes right now. I hope you find time to enjoy it.

"Be excellent to each other." -  William "Bill" S. Preston, Esq.

1. Tor - Loop Theory

2. Arrange - In Old Theatres

3. Jai Wolf - Indian Summer

4. The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By (Hot Chip RMX)

5. Skalpel - Sculpture

6. Maths Tme Joy - Let Go (Manila Killa Remix)

7. Ill-Esha - Crash Landing

8. Alek Fin - Mull

9. Sango - Touché Amour

10. Washed Out - Before

11. The Very Best - Let Go

12. Kasbo - Again

13. Muggs - Faded

14. Lou Rhodes - Angels

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